Blood transfusion doesn’t include transfer of COVID antibodies

Recipients of blood transfusions from donors who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 do not carry an abnormal risk of clotting, Dr. Keith Roach notes.



January 10, 2023 - 2:22 PM

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Dear Dr. Roach:  I recently got a blood transfusion, and I’ve never had the COVID vaccine. Am I going to get those blood clots that vaccinated people got? — Anon.

Answer: There is no evidence of risk to people receiving blood from a donor who received any COVID vaccine.

Both the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and the Janssen vaccine did have a very small number of cases of abnormal blood clots (about four cases per million recipients). The much more commonly used mRNA vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech did not cause an increase in blood clotting.

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