Dear moms, I see you

It's been a tough year to be a mom.



May 4, 2021 - 10:04 AM

It’s the little things that help ease the frayed nerves that most parents experience. Photo by PHOTO BY MAGDALENA SMOLNICKA/UNSPLASH

This has been an exhausting year for moms. Last spring, we had no idea we would still be dealing with this pandemic a year later. It presented difficult decisions, such as in-person school or remote learning, how to work from home while caring for children, or how to pay the bills without work, when to let children visit their grandparents, what to do for birthdays and holidays. Regardless of the decision made, it seemed someone somewhere was judging our choice. But I want you to know, I see you every day doing the best you can.  

To all the new moms, I see you when the OB floor was empty of friends and family to celebrate the new life you brought into the world. If you were COVID positive, I see you with your beaming smile behind a mask as you hold your new baby.  

Mothers of toddlers, I see you trying to keep little fingers out of mouths as you teach them to wash their hands. I see you attempting to be professional on a Zoom meeting with toddlers giggling and playing in the background.

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