Divorcee wants to keep sister-time sacred

A sister's new boyfriend has changed the dynamic between the siblings. There's no harm in asking for more one-on-one time, as long as you are welcoming to her new beau, columnist says.



September 1, 2020 - 9:49 AM

Dear Carolyn: My sister and I are both divorced. For several years we’ve been getting together about once a week to drink wine and kvetch about work, kids, current events. Now she has a boyfriend. We have both dated fairly consistently, but this is the first guy who’s gotten a title and a spare key, from either of us.

Now they are a package deal. We are in our 50s; I thought the days of joined-at-the-hip couples were behind us. I like this man just fine, but he changes the whole tone and tenor of our hangouts.

I have asked her to leave him behind, which she now does about half the time. Our weekly get-togethers were sacred to me, and I’m not sure whether it’s time to just grieve for them. I swear I’m not just jealous!

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