Food safety takes spotlight with grilling

Fourth of July food fest is no time to take a break from food safety.



June 30, 2020 - 10:05 AM

For many, the Fourth of July holiday may be a day off from work, but Karen Blakeslee says it’s not a day off from food safety.

“Handling food safely is important every day, not just at holidays,” said Blakeslee, a food safety specialist with K-State Research and Extension. “During the summer, it is more important to follow the four core principals of cook, chill, clean and separate.”

She notes that foodborne illness often peaks in the summer for a couple important reasons: Bacteria multiply faster in warmer temperatures, and preparing food outdoors makes safe food handling more difficult. “Temperature abused food can allow bacteria to grow and multiply every 20 minutes,” Blakeslee said.

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