His running commentary could make her snap

As couples are forced to spend more time together, their very different personality quirks are more annoying than ever.



April 27, 2020 - 9:38 AM

Hi, Carolyn: My husband loves to provide commentary — on the news, TV shows, even over my shoulder when I am online. Now that we are together 24/7, it is driving me over the edge. I have told him to go away, and he does for a few hours, but then forgets and does it again. It is commentary without a filter. None of it is even that original, and he presents it as some kind of genius brainstorm.

I know it sounds like I just have contempt for him, and that’s not true. He’s a great guy. He is kind and helpful and neighborly and engaged. He would never say an unkind word, even when well-deserved. I love him, but I need him to stop hovering over my shoulder before I kill him. HELP. — Up the Wall

Up the Wall: Oh, this is happening so much right now. So. Much.

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