How do couples not get sick of each other?

Passion is great, but don't mistake it for love, Carolyn Hax warns, lest a couple find themselves eventually getting sick of each other.



March 10, 2022 - 3:40 PM

Hi, Carolyn: I’ve heard so many people say, “When you know, you know,” or, “It feels right,” and my question is, what does that mean?! I can sort of imagine spending my life with someone, until I really think about what that might entail — how do you talk to the same person day in and day out? What if he bores me? What if I bore him after a few years? I listen to inane conversations around me and wonder why you would subject anyone, not least your SO, to that? It’s just hard to fathom how two people do not get sick of each other. — In Love?

In Love?: People do get sick of each other, often intensely. But for a well-matched couple, it either happens mildly, or infrequently, or fleetingly, or all three.

As for inane conversations, sure, you’ll have them. But they’ll be your inanities, which in a way are like your children — they’re no less obnoxious than everyone else’s, but you love them more anyway.

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