Pain of restless legs syndrome can be frustrating

Most people can be treated with behavioral modifications like sleep and exercise, and medication.



April 21, 2020 - 9:44 AM

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Dear Dr. Roach: Short of amputation, what’s the best one can expect in minimizing the sporadic but harsh symptoms of restless legs? — J.M.

Answer: Restless legs syndrome, also called Willis-Ekbom disease, is an underdiagnosed condition. The major symptom involves an overwhelming urge to move the legs, often in conjunction with other symptoms, described as cramping, pulling or tingling. RLS may also be associated with involuntary leg movements during sleep.

The fact that you even joke about amputation gives some idea of how frustrating the symptoms can be, but most people can be treated pretty well, with a marked improvement of symptoms, using behavioral and medication treatments.

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