Parents fear adult daughter is shark bait

Recent grad is now surrounded by older men. Is she safe?



March 16, 2023 - 3:55 PM

Photo by Gerald Schombs/Unsplash

Dear Carolyn: We are the parents of a 22-year-old who has recently graduated from college, moved out on her own and begun working at a large corporation in another state. She is outgoing, smart and attractive, and she has become a “big hit” with the single men at work, all of whom are older by five, six or more years. She mentioned that one is divorced but “very good-looking.”

We are concerned about her getting involved with an older, more worldly man. We are keeping the lines of communication open, hoping we are saying the right thing, but she pushes back, saying she is “fine” and knows what she is doing. We feel the playing field is uneven given her age and experience vs. the age and experience of these men, and we find ourselves going into a protective mode, which of course doesn’t work well with an adult “child.” Is there anything we can do? — Cincinnati

Cincinnati: You can stop treating her office as shark-infested waters, and your daughter as a bucket of chum.

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