Prep now to preserve garden foods

Gardeners are planting food now. It's a good time to prepare for preserving it.



April 27, 2021 - 9:43 AM

Gardeners are making their plans, and in some areas, vegetables and other foods are already being planted.  That is a sign that food preservation season is not far away and now is the time to check canning equipment and make repairs needed or replace worn items.

Examine jars and take damaged ones out of your canning supply.  It is also recommended that you have your dial gauge pressure canner checked to make sure it is working properly.  This service is free at Extension offices. 

Following recipes and directions will help insure a safely canned food. Sources for recipes include the So Easy to Preserve by University of Georgia Cooperative Extension or Blue Ball/ Kerr.  K-State Research and Extension along with other State Cooperative Extension websites will have recipes and resources, too.

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