Remember Easter egg safety

With Easter rapidly approaching, families will decorate and hide eggs. Food safety should be kept at a high priority.



April 7, 2020 - 9:51 AM

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Easter is just around the corner and for many, decorating eggs is part of the celebration.  There are many options for decorating eggs, including paint, glitter, and markers, but dyeing eggs remains the most popular method. Just make sure to use a food-safe dye if you plan on eating them, too. 

Commercial egg decorating dyes are food-safe, as is food coloring added to a water-vinegar mix. Organic dyes are another option. Tea or coffee will provide a tan or brownish shade. Beet or cranberry juice will produce red dye. For green, use the water from cooked spinach leaves, or for blue, use blueberry juice.

Egg decorators need to remember food safety too. “The main concern when dealing with eggs is Salmonella,” said Karen Blakeslee, coordinator of the food safety Rapid Response Center at Kansas State University. “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports 40,000 cases of Salmonella each year, and they estimate that up to 20 times that many go unreported.”

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