Shoo, flies!

The onset of spring weather will bring flies back to the area. The pesky insects are irritating to cattle, which could reduce their quality.



April 14, 2020 - 9:11 AM

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As temperatures begin to warm up, this spring, you may begin to notice an increase in insect populations. Now is a good time to consider what fly control measures you may want to put into practice for your cow herd. 

Flies are irritating to cattle, and cause loses in performance and weight gain. Fortunately for farmers and ranchers, there are a variety of options for fly control. You can select from liquid insect control measures, foggers, ear tags, and insecticides in livestock feed. It is easy to find an option that will work well in your own farming or ranching operation. 

Foggers are a good way to regularly get close to your cattle, and get them accustomed to human interaction. Pour-on insect control works well if you also need to control lice. Ear tags and feed products are popular options. These choices are popular on many farms and ranches, but there are some considerations to be made when choosing either of these two options.

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