The best man and the awful bride

Lifelong friend demoted from best man, then asked not to come to wedding. Bride seems controlling, abusive.



May 21, 2020 - 9:27 AM

Dear Carolyn: Help! My son and his lifelong friend have had a falling-out. My son was invited to be the best man at his friend’s wedding and started planning and securing clothing. The bride-to-be disapproved of my son for this role, so the invitation was withdrawn and the role of groomsman was offered instead. 

My son declined, said it’s best just to come to the wedding but not be in the wedding party. Bride-to-be said he was no longer invited to the wedding. 

This friend was like an extra son to me — I cooked him more meals than I can count, took him on many trips with our family, coached his sports teams for years. Now it seems I’m invited to the wedding but my son is not. I have no idea what to do beyond urging my son to talk with his friend and get past this. Any wiser advice?— Parent

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