These grandparents don’t deserve the honor

Grandparents are furious over baby's name and throwing a tantrum, refusing to play nice with the family.



June 23, 2020 - 10:10 AM

Dear Carolyn: Our son was born early, spending weeks in intensive care. His first name is my father-in-law’s, middle name is my dad’s, and he has a combo last name — part of both families. I introduced the last name to them months before.

After our announcement, Dad went radio silent, Mom only texted for daily pictures and health updates and refused phone calls.

Weeks later, Mom finally explains that Dad — who still hasn’t spoken to us — felt humiliated over the name. She also said we should have known better and prepared them better (i.e., given them a chance to change our minds), and the baby name is another rejection of them. Mom makes clear she’s only interested in the baby, and Dad will get over it eventually.

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