They moved for a job, but he now works from home

A family moved to another state because of the husband's career. However, the pandemic meant working from home, and she misses her old life. For goodness sake, tell your husband you want to go back, Carolyn Hax replies.



December 1, 2022 - 1:14 PM

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Dear Carolyn: In 2020, my husband and I moved from a state where I was very happy living so that he could take a new job. I had family nearby, a job I loved and a significant network of support. (I am in long-term recovery from addiction, with 10-plus years clean and sober.)

Mostly because of the pandemic, my husband works from home and has been to the office fewer times than I can count on two hands. We joke that he hasn’t had to wear pants to work for two years now.

All joking aside: I’m miserable where we are, a deeply conservative state. I miss my family, job, friends and the purplish area we lived in. And I really resent that we made this move when he continues to work at home.

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