Waiting for someday

The idea of 'I'm going to use that someday' has turned storage into hoarding. Turns out, there are plenty of places to stash things. Cleaning and organizing them later, though, isn't so easy.



February 9, 2021 - 9:50 AM

Greg Doering

I recently cleaned out my sock drawer, an overdue task that I hadn’t reached the appropriate level of boredom to tackle in a number of years. It also served as a reminder that I’m absolutely terrible at estimating just how useful a range of items will be in the future.

The top drawer of the walnut chest where my socks reside also has a habit of collecting an assortment of other items — loose change, notes on scraps of paper, cable clamps, buttons, stray ammunition — that either fell from the flat surface above or were “temporarily” stored for later.

There’s also a closet, basement, garage, shed and the center console of my truck holding valuable artifacts of various usefulness. I know I’m not alone in this affliction because the desire to stow away has a cherished history in my family. The paternal side at least.

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