Who has the moral high ground here?

Relative shared information she shouldn't. Should she report the violation?



May 15, 2020 - 3:18 PM

Dear Carolyn: My sister-in-law recently opened a now-successful consulting business that provides behavioral therapy for children and young adults. Some of her clients attend the same small private preschool my kids attend. The school adheres to a strict vaccine policy that does not accept conscience exemptions (rampant in our state), only medical. I was a leader in bringing this policy to the school because my son is severely immunocompromised.

My sister-in-law let it slip that she definitely knows of a family “lying about their vaccination forms.” She never revealed the name, and I didn’t push. I did suggest she immediately contact the preschool director, but she told me, “I’m not in the business of telling on my clients.”

I was initially beside myself with anger. I didn’t feel comfortable telling the director myself, since I didn’t have a name or evidence, just hearsay — and if I’m honest with myself, I didn’t want my sister-in-law to lose access to clients. My husband doesn’t speak much to her and gave me a flat “no” when I asked him to talk his sister about it.

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