Long in the tooth, short on friends



March 6, 2019 - 10:21 AM

Dear Carolyn: I would like to understand how people make new friends when they are in their mid-50s. Where are they going, or what activities are they doing, to keep friends to make and keep interesting friends? What’s the secret I have not learned? I believe I am flexible, adventurous, a good listener, creative, outgoing and fun. I am interested in their lives. I want to know: Why they chose the field they are in? Why they live in this area? What are their hobbies? Are politics important to them? What types of food do they like? 

At the gym, people seem to be with people they know or working out by themselves. On group hikes, I have found people are with people they already know and do not seem to be interested in adding to their circle of friends.

— Making Friends

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