Mom worries she and son are ‘weird’

Everything about us worth celebrating — art, science, literature, curiosity, ingenuity, empathy, humility, compassion — would be diminished without the 'weird kids' of the world.



October 28, 2020 - 8:49 AM

Dear Carolyn: I’m mom to a delightful 3-year-old who is engaging, smart and shows me a new way to look at the world daily.

But lately everything feels so HEAVY. He wouldn’t take the field for his first soccer “practice,” he had his first “bullying” incident — a 5-year-old called him a “baby” — and we’re having him assessed for some food issues. He’s not good at his scooter yet, and was sad that his friends were scooting. I find myself panicking that he’s going to be a social outcast, “the weird kid,” and I can’t help but randomly pray to “just let him be okay.” I never worried like this about baby milestones.

We also just found out there won’t be Baby No. 2, and I weirdly feel like I don’t get a “do-over” to use all of the stuff I learned in the first go-round.

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