Nothing gold can stay



November 6, 2018 - 3:55 PM

If you haven’t taken the time to just stop and admire the fall beauty that is surrounding us, you are really missing out! The trees have been most striking to me this year, but I have also noticed some shrubs and even native grass species really showing off their fall colors. The city of Fort Scott has some of the prettiest maple trees that I have seen in the area.

Even though I can appreciate the change of season and its beauty, at the same time I’ll admit that fall can be a bit depressing for me as well. All but a few annual and perennial flowers are on their “last leg” so to speak. I’m sure I’m not alone in my feelings because for any plant lover it’s kind of a sad time of year to see the once-beautiful flower pots filled with flowers now bare and lonely looking.

But we really shouldn’t be sad because Mother Nature has just given us a different role and other things to admire. Fall produces some warm, spicy colors and plants produce some interesting seed heads, pots, nuts and berries. Some of these items found in the fall can be put to use and add to your home’s outdoor décor.

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