Planning ahead as we age



December 11, 2018 - 10:22 AM

It has been said that we start aging the minute we are born.  We go through many different stages in life.  Life stages are often associated with ages such as the “toddler stage,” “teenager,” “mid-life,” and so forth.  Those stages continue as we age past the “empty-nesting” into retirement and further into older age.

While our earlier life stages can be more tightly tied to actual age-related time frames in our lives, as we reach our older ages, it’s harder to define.  We all age differently.  Age related changes — such as loss of hair color (or loss of hair in general) and the development of cataracts — to name a few, can happen at different points of time in our adult life.  However, it’s less clear as to when some aging effects may take place or whether they take place at all.

For those of us who find ourselves in the “mid-life” stage and beyond, there are some areas of our lives we can contemplate now that will help us age and also lighten the burden for our loved ones.

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