She wants a wing-woman, I prefer the no-fly zone



February 21, 2019 - 9:38 AM

Hi, Carolyn: I’m a widow in my 50s; my husband died nearly two years ago. I have found that after the first year, people seem to be focused on me “getting back out there.” After 30-plus years of marriage, I’m trying to get used to living and viewing my life on my own. I have no interest in dating and absolutely none in going out to try to meet men or signing up for matchmaking apps. Zero, at least for now.

People don’t seem to believe me although I express myself very clearly. I have a close friend who is recently divorced. She’s ready to dive right into the dating pool, and more power to her. But I’m very tired of telling her we’re not going out together to try to meet men.

How do I get her and others to hear me and stop being so damned delighted at the idea of me doing something I’ve told them I have no interest in doing?

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