She was ready to divorce when pandemic hit

"Being the best version of ourselves at any given time, and having our best life under any given circumstances, tends to involve finding a livable balance between where we are and what we’re waiting for."



June 8, 2020 - 9:47 AM

Dear Carolyn: I was just gathering the strength to ask faraway friends for help to leave my husband when the pandemic broke out. While I don’t fear for my safety, I feel like a trapped animal at times.

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How do I even begin to formulate a new escape plan from my sham marriage when I’m not even sure what will even be left out there to escape to? — Divorce Boom

Divorce Boom: By the time I read this, contemplate it, answer it, file it and publish it, you will have gotten through days, even weeks of something you didn’t think you could bear.

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