Summertime gardening blues



August 14, 2018 - 10:55 AM

The “dog days of summer” is often a drab time of year for our landscapes. The heat has taken its toll on many annuals, perennials have already done their thing for the year and lots of gardens have been overtaken by weeds. In thinking ahead to next year’s planting, there are shrubs that flower later in the growing season that you may want to put in the landscape to brighten it during the summer.
• Rose of Sharon — a tall shrub that produces single or double flowers. Colors range from white to red, purple or violet, or combinations depending on the variety.  

• Crepemyrtle — dwarf to tall shrubs or trees. Flower color varies from white, pink, to purple or deep red on different plants.

• Bluebeard — this is also known as blue-spirea, blue-mist shrub, or caryopteris. It is usually found with blue flowers, but some cultivars have a bluish-violet to violet flower color.

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