Sure, my life is great but give me a break



May 31, 2019 - 4:10 PM

Dear Carolyn: I am a single mom to two incredible boys. My ex-husband’s mother is my live-in nanny and general cheerleader (a story in itself). I have a great job, a beautiful home and a supportive boyfriend.

Even though I have absolutely nothing to complain about, sometimes I just want to run away. I want to be in a place for a day or a week (or a year) where no one needs or demands anything from me — problems solved, forms signed, appointments made, cash doled out, Minecraft stories listened to, or even just time spent. I love all the people in my life dearly, but I get to a point where I just want to scream at them to leave me alone.

I am trying to be more positive and remember just how great I have it — I feel totally churlish even writing this — but some days it’s hard not to feel sucked dry. Do you have any advice for getting back to that grateful state of mind? — Trying to be Grateful

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