The holidays have turned her into a grinch

The misery of disrupted routines is an under-talked-about problem, in my opinion. Holidays were some of our most stressful and difficult times as a family when our kids were little, and don’t even get me started on changes for Daylight Savings.



December 22, 2020 - 5:10 PM

Dear Carolyn: My children have turned me into a grinch! I used to like the holidays. Still do, mostly. But the disruption in routines, and extra sugar, mean days of crazy, rambunctious, cranky kids after the big day is over. We’re not going really crazy or over the top. So how do I sit back, relax and let the kids enjoy candy in their stockings without dreading the days of tantrums when the family goes home, and the routine sets back in?

— Grinch

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