The power of 4-H



April 2, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Extension Agent for 4-H

The energy management project is a great hands-on project for youth. It helps them understand how to power the world today and think about how to meet future energy needs.

There is a 4-H curriculum that can be purchased for anyone interested in the energy management project. Here is a breakdown of what youth can learn at different ages/stages:


Ages 7-9

• Make a simple circuit, a flashlight, and a switch

• Find out about magnetism and make a compass

Ages 10-13

• Learn about Ohm’s Law and use a volt-ohm meter

• Label a circuit diagram

• Build a three way switch

Ages 14 and Older

• Determine your family’s electrical usage

• Measure electric usage of appliances

• Test grounded outlets

• Explore electronics

• Build simple radios, microphones, computers and other equipment

• Explore careers in electronics and engineering

Small Engines

Ages 7-9

• Learn major parts of engines

• Importance of clean air to an efficient running engine

• How to service a small engine and replace a spark plug

Ages 10-13

• Learn safe ways to operate an engine

• Learn engine cycles

• Identify useful tools and internal parts of an engine

• Learn different engine types and sizes

Ages 14 and older

• Learn to troubleshoot, repair, and rebuild an engine

• Use the Internet to find resources, rules, and regulations for small engines

• Start your own business or career

Power of the Wind

Ages 11-13

• Design and build a wind-powered boat

• Design and build wind turbines

• Discover where and why the wind blows

• Discover the wind in art and literature

In addition to the curriculum, youth are also offered the opportunity to attend project meetings held by volunteers. The energy management project is a great opportunity for youth to learn important life skills.

For more information about this project, contact Jennifer K. Terrell, 4-H Youth Development for K-State Research and Extension – Southwind District at or 620-244-3826.