The Science Behind That Pesky Resolution



January 10, 2019 - 4:52 PM

Well, it?s officially the New Year, and for millions of Americans, that means that the annual tradition of trying diets, counting carbs, and trudging to the gym is fully underway. But after years of setting, bravely attempting, and then forgetting this infamous New Year?s Resolution, I?m sure many of you find weight loss as frustrating a goal as ever. I sure do.

It makes one wonder: how exactly does weight loss even work?

To get started, I?m sure you?ve all heard the familiar phrase: ?A calorie is a calorie.? Your body uses up a certain amount of energy every day, measured in calories, to carry out its basic functions and power any physical activity. You gain energy from the total calories of the food you eat. Your body balances the net input or output, and either stores excess energy throughout the body in fat reserves or breaks down fat in the body to make up any energy deficit.

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