Will her married man leave his wife?

A reader worries her boyfriend will never leave his wife. And if he does, what are the chances he'll cheat again?



March 14, 2023 - 2:50 PM

Dear Carolyn: My boyfriend is married to another woman. You can’t imagine the scolding I’ve endured from my close friends over this. Some of it is beginning to sink in, and I’m doubting whether he will ever end his marriage for me. In your opinion, if I am deeply in love with this man, is it worth the wait? In other words, do you believe the philosophy that he will cheat on me, too, because he’s cheating on her? — Philadelphia

Philadelphia: Those are two separate questions: Should you wait, and, if he ever becomes eligible, should you trust him?

The first is the easiest call you’ll ever have to make: No. You don’t “wait.” You move on with your life.

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