911 center gets an upgrade

Allen County's emergency call center will get a simulator phone to educate grade schoolers about calling 911 and an additional radio, among other purchases.



December 31, 2020 - 9:54 AM

Chelsie Angleton and Karen Kimball talk with commissioners about making upgrades to the county’s 911 dispatch center. Photo by Trevor Hoag

Allen County’s 911 center is getting some upgrades.

Chelsie Angleton, interim 911 communications director, along with Karen Kimball, received permission from Allen County commissioners to make several key purchases for the dispatch station.

One item was a “simulator phone” for helping to educate grade schoolers about calling 911. Until this point, they had been using a classic hand-held for such purposes, where a lot of the students had never even seen or used one before. The cost of the simulator was $5,000.

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