911 review sought



February 17, 2010 - 12:00 AM

City Administrator Judy Brigham will share the numbers of the city’s 911 Emergency Services fund with Allen County commissioners. Commissioners asked for the information Tuesday morning.
They noted the fund contained about $75,000 in November and reportedly had less than $1,000 today. Brigham said most of the money went to salaries and for accrued vacation time, as well as bills that came due late in the year and were paid in January and this month.
“We’ve been waiting for final bills,” she said, noting that expenses incurred one month weren’t billed until the next and then often paid the following month.
“The books are open to the public and I’ll be glad to put to rest any concerns,” Brigham said.
The 911 dispatch services became the county’s on Jan. 28. Previously, Iola and the county shared responsibilities and funding, with the county paying $178,000 in 2009. One provision of the takeover was that excess money would go with the dispatch center.
Gary McIntosh, county commission chairman, noted, “I want the audit so we can understand where the money went.”

A SECOND building in the new emergency services complex on North State Street should be ready for Allen County ambulances stationed in Iola by May 1, said Jason Nelson, ambulance director. The county is scheduled to take possession of the building on April 1.

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