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July 8, 2018 - 11:00 PM

3 — Lance Gurwell and his wife, Verlene Kay, will open a photography studio at 402 S. State Monday. Gurwell, a graduate of Iola High School and the School of Modern Photography, has served a year and a half of apprenticeship at Drisdell’s Studio in Chanute.

5 — HUMBOLDT — Mayor Courtney Moles resigned to accept a full-time job as head of the city park department. The council elevated councilman Fred Hartwig to mayor. Hartwig will serve in both positions until the 1969 city election.

6 — GARNETT — The City of Garnett is taking its race track out of mothballs after a four-year hiatus. Workmen are putting the finishing touches on the 2.8 miles of road in preparation for the Lake Garnett Grand Prix July 27-28. The national championship sports car races are sponsored by the Lake Garnett Racing Association and the Kansas City region of the Sports Car Club of America. Garnett has the distinction of being one of the few remaining natural road courses in the United States. For 363 days of the year the 20 mph park road which winds around the 65-acre lake is used by leisurely driven automobiles. But on July 27-28, when the sleek and powerful racers start touring the course at speeds up to 200 mph, racing will be back at Lake Garnett.

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