A week in the life of a college student



May 16, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Allen Community College freshman Lindsey served as an intern at Thrive Allen County during the school year. Here, she poses in the Tech Building at Allen where she spends a lot of time for classes and theater productions.

Allen Community College freshman Lindsey Temaat is a Riley County native majoring in communications. Temaat is the managing editor of The Allen Flame, an intern at Thrive Allen County, participates in the school plays and choir, and attends every single student life activity she can.

Keeping her days filled with various school and work activities, Temaat still finds a way to spend time with her friends.

During her first semester, Temaat participated in work-study, helping out with the plays and filing for the music department. She made sure to be part of as many plays as possible but could not be part of Dracula during the second semester.

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