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July 23, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Let’s start with Dipstick. Dipstick is a seven-month-old goat who will be making his debut in the market goat competition at the Allen County Fair this Friday. Dipstick didn’t arrive on planet Earth with his name. Bryce Culbertson gave it to him. It’s Bryce’s goat. “He’s Dipstick,” explained the 9-year-old, pointing to the goat’s brown-tipped tail, “because his tail, it’s like it got dipped in chocolate.”

Then there’s Kara’s goat. Kara is Bryce’s little sister. She’s not presenting anything at this year’s fair. She’s too young. Still, she has a goat of her own, Chocolate Chip, and she wanted to show it off. It’s a good-looking goat. She’ll show it at next year’s fair. “I call it Chocolate Chip,” said Kara, “because she has lots of brown dots all over her, so it’s like chocolate chips are on her, so we just named her Chocolate Chip.”

“I would have named her Oreo,” said Bryce.

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