Area artist strives for precision


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January 16, 2020 - 10:58 AM

An art exhibit by Bronson native Sonia Reeder-Jones is admired by Jill Hartman of the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce. The exhibit opens Saturday at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center. REGISTER/TREVOR HOAG

When Sonia Reeder-Jones was growing up in Bronson, she was always struck by the artwork hiding behind the pulpit at the local Methodist Church. The painting was by a woman named Bessie Mattox, and left the young Sonia repeatedly wondering just how she had done it, how she had captured so much detail in the face of the figure. It seemed completely alive, providing her the same sense of amazement one feels when viewing Reeder-Jones’ own work today.

Much of Reeder-Jones’ art utilizes soft colors, sky-blue and graphite-gray, in order to create a portrait scene where eyes reach out to powerfully grasp the viewer. She is especially interested in highly technical images of women and girls that strive for incredible realism. “I just believe in young girls,” Reeder-Jones said. “I’m passionate about them. I want to see them succeed.”

Of the themes and subjects of her work, one of which to make special note is when Reeder-Jones depicts young girls inside cardboard boxes having to adjust their posture. As she put it, “sometimes you’re boxed in by your opportunities, your geography. I don’t want the girls in our area to have limitations.”

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