Audacious to move to Iola square



November 15, 2012 - 12:00 AM

There is a tune caught in Kelly Sigg’s head, “Moving on Up,” because by the end of this month her store, Audacious Boutique, will be moving to the front building on the corner of South Jefferson and Madison.
The building, owned by David Toland, was once a bank, but hasn’t seen much business for a number of years.
“David approached me a couple of times and I had thought about it. It’s really about taking that plunge,” Sigg said.
Sigg had been hesitant about assuming a bigger rent, but after two years of success decided to go through with it.
She estimates her boutique will be closed for one day when the move takes place.
Sigg initially wanted to be in the new location by Black Friday, but realizes necessary renovations and the time necessary to make the move, will not make that feasible.
Still, the move definitely will happen before December dawns, Sigg said.
“Between 10 days to two weeks from now we will for sure be in the new store,” Sigg said.
Needed renovations include the reglazing and in some instances replacement of windows. The building also needs a new air•conditioning and heating unit, which will not take place until after the new year.
Sigg said the main reason behind the move is to have more space and visibility.
Being on Iola’s main street will allow for Sigg to do more window displays and get more attention from passersby.
At the current location around the corner on Jefferson, there is only one dressing room, a cramped check•out counter and no back area to store boxes or to have an office. 
“Our move doesn’t necessarily mean we will have significantly more merchandise, it’s really to be able to spread out more,” Sigg said. “We will probably only have 20 to 25 percent more merchandise.”
Sigg said  she favors keeping a smaller inventory in the store because of its quicker turnover rate. Fewer numbers of an item also guarantee not as many people are wearing the same item.
“There is nothing worse than walking into a party feeling really confident in what you are wearing and walking in to see someone else wearing the same thing,” she said. “We try to keep track of who purchased what.”
The new location will allow for Sigg to add more jewelry, accessories and shoes to her merchandise.
“The shoes go over really well, but they take up a lot of space,” she said.
In addition, there will be a sitting area near the windows so if someone is “dragged along to go shopping it won’t be a punishment,” she said.
Sigg used to hold a ladies night at her store, but due to space it became too crowded.
When more than three or four people are in the current store it becomes cramped, especially when a new shipment arrives and there are boxes lining the whole store, Sigg said.
For more information contact Audacious Boutique at (620) 365•6366.

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