Booming bamboo garden

An enormous bamboo garden is growing in Elsmore. Terry Allison has been growing several varieties of bamboo for about eight years, and it's already about to take over the area. Bamboo has many uses, from furniture to cooking.



November 13, 2020 - 3:16 PM

Terry Allison, Elsmore, stands in the shadow cast by some of the enormous bamboo stalks in his backyard. Photo by Trevor Hoag / Iola Register

Elsmore might seem an unlikely place to find an enormous bamboo garden, yet that’s exactly what’s hiding in Terry Allison’s backyard.

Allison has called Elsmore home for around 20 years, and is now “semi-retired” due to heart problems that have forced him to slow down a bit.

His yard boasts several varieties of bamboo, including scented, black, solid stock and hollow stock, each with their own unique properties and growing patterns.

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