Charity comes home to roost


Local News

July 12, 2019 - 4:25 PM

Iola Rotary Club members delivered chicks to 20 families last month as part of continuing efforts to help those in Eldoret, Kenya, where Rotarian Luka Kapkai of Iola grew up. Pictured are Jack Adams, third from left, grandson of Bob Hawk, fourth from left; Kapkai, second from right; and Tom Brigham, far right. COURTESY PHOTOS

Eight women in Eldoret, Kenya, waited patiently for more than four hours to meet with a group of Iola Rotary Club members last month. It was the rainy season, so they came dressed for cool weather, wearing rubber boots to help them trek through the mud. With no electricity, they used lanterns for light as they listened to a proposal from the Kansans.

The Rotarians offered to buy 10 chickens each for 20 families. The Rotary Club, using donations from various groups in Kansas, would provide the chicks, feed, incubators and necessary supplies to start the project. The Kenyans would build their own coops and take care of the chickens.

Ten hens can produce enough eggs to collect $4 a day in Kenya, a good income in a country where an agriculture worker earns between $2.75 to $5 a day.

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