County employees able for 5% raises



March 6, 2013 - 12:00 AM

All Allen County employees, including elected officials, will receive 2 percent cost of living adjustments in their wages and salaries. Hourly employees, about 100 of them, also will receive merit raises decided by department heads.
Commissioners decided the increases Tuesday, on a motion from Tom Williams, which also included a provision for employees to earn additional personal days through tenure. Employees now have two days of personal leave.
The federal COLA for last year was 1.7 percent, which Williams rounded up to 2 percent in his proposal.
He pointed out that department heads were confident there was sufficient leeway in budgets to absorb raises that, with merit considerations, will total about 5 percent, but won’t necessarily be that for each employee.
Merit pay will be determined on evaluations of each employee.
Williams’ proposal won 3-0 approval.

LAST YEAR county employees received 3.6 percent COLA raises, which came after two years with wages frozen.
In 2009 employees were given raises of 20 cents an hour if they earned over $10 an hour, 25 cents if under that threshold. They also received merit raises of up to 30 cents an hour.
In 2008 employees received 2 percent raises cross the board.

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