County leaders make tough budget choices

Commissioners began working through the 2023 budget with a goal to hold the line on property taxes. It wasn't easy in the face of higher costs in just about every area. The three commissioners talk about their decision-making process as the discussion will continue on Tuesday.



July 22, 2022 - 3:44 PM

Allen County commissioners, from left, Jerry Daniels, David Lee and Bruce Symes met Tuesday to start working on the 2023 budget. County Clerk Sherrie Riebel is in the background. Photo by Vickie Moss

County commissioners are determined to cut the local tax rate in spite of inflation that has hiked costs across the board. 

And it looks like they’ll get there — barely, and not without some pain. 

Commissioners met for more than 5½ hours Tuesday, most of that time spent going through the budget line-by-line. Their budget work isn’t yet done; they’ll continue those efforts in the coming weeks before they schedule a public hearing to finalize the budget.

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