County looks at wellness program

Commissioners consider adding a service that would work with county employees, their doctors and pharmacists to manage medications and chronic health conditions. The program is guaranteed to save the county money for health insurance costs and prescriptions.



February 16, 2022 - 9:39 AM

A wellness program could potentially help the county save money and improve the health of its employees, a company representative told commissioners on Tuesday.

Tria Health, an Overland Park company, offers to be a middleman between patients, physicians and pharmacists. The service will manage medications used to treat chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and more. 

Matt Baki, a senior vice president for Tria, outlined the program for commissioners. The company would charge a flat fee of $20,000 per year, but he recommends the county also pay an incentive of about $85 per person to encourage employees to take part. 

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