County thinks outside the boxes

A hospital facilities group met with Allen County commissioners to discuss the remodel of a county-owned medical arts building. Commissioners agreed to find a place to store moldy old cardboard boxes filled with medical and financial records, so the group can remediate mold in the basement.



November 24, 2021 - 9:40 AM

County Commissioner David Lee, front, listens to a presentation from Allen County Regional Hospital facillities board members, from left, John Brocker, Loren Korte and Terry Sparks. Photo by Vickie Moss

County commissioners assured hospital officials they’ll find a place to store boxes of old records – and soon — and expressed enthusiasm for the group’s plans to remodel a medical arts building.

Three members of the Allen County Regional Hospital facilities board met with commissioners Tuesday for an update on their plans.

The hospital is leased to Saint Luke’s Health System, but the county still owns all the buildings and must maintain and upgrade them as a landlord. 

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