County warms to Saint Luke’s option


Local News

October 20, 2018 - 5:28 PM

While traveling through northern Missouri a few months ago, Terry Sparks made an impromptu visit to Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton. As a trustee for Allen County Regional Hospital, Sparks knew it was studying its management contract and could potentially make a change. To that end, Sparks set a goal of seeing not only how other hospitals were managed but also how their communities viewed them.

He was impressed by what he saw in Trenton, a hospital owned by the city and leased to Saint Luke’s Health System. He heard positive reviews, about both hospital services and community engagement. He learned about cooperative efforts with another Saint Luke’s hospital at Chillicothe, Mo., about 23 miles away.

Sparks immediately thought about Anderson County Hospital, a Saint Luke’s-leased hospital in Garnett, about 29 miles away.

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