Deputies investigate ‘swatting’ call

Sheriff Murphy said there was never anyone in danger and that he was looking into possible charges against the woman in California.



December 14, 2023 - 2:38 PM

Allen County Sheriff Bryan Murphy said Thursday that deputies were sent to a residence in Gas early Wednesday evening for what they said amounted to a “swatting” report.

The incident occurred after officers received a report of a man threatening his wife and brandishing a gun, Murphy said.  A few minutes later, it was reported that the man was holding his wife hostage at gunpoint, saying he was going to kill her at a certain time. 

When the first deputy arrived, he found nothing amiss, and as Murphy and more officers arrived, it was found that the call was allegedly made by the woman’s mother in Sacramento, who does not like her daughter’s husband, deputies said. One person was temporarily detained while the initial investigation was done.