Drama students take the stage for Little Oscars

Seniors Austin Morris and Hannah Andersen took home the night's biggest wins, as drama club students celebrated their two performances of the year and gave Little Oscar awards.



May 16, 2022 - 3:51 PM

Students Kendall Glaze, from left, DeMarco Ross and Everett Glaze were among those offering performances. Here, they take on “Old Time Rock & Roll” from the movie “Risky Business.” Photo by Vickie Moss

A little good-natured ribbing and friendly competition can inspire students to give their best, and that seemed to be on display Friday at the Little Oscars. 

Iola High School senior Austin Morris joked that every time he competes against the talented Hannah Andersen, she always wins.

But when the votes were counted, Morris walked away with three of Little Oscar statues to Andersen’s two. His wins included two of the biggest awards, the Don Bain Showman of the Year and the Susan S. Miller – Most Inspirational Forensics Team Member.

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