Dreaming of a Barbie Christmas

Iola High School senior Macie Hoag was obsessed with Barbies as a child. All she wanted in 2012 was a Holiday Barbie.


December 13, 2022 - 1:15 PM

Macie Hoag is a senior at Iola High School. Courtesy photo

(Note: Macie Hoag is a senior at Iola High School.)

One of my favorite Christmas memories over the years was in 2012. I would have been seven years old and obsessed with Barbies. 

Probably everything on my list was Barbie related, but what was on the top was a Holiday Barbie. I wanted the one with blonde hair and blue eyes so I would match it. Her hair was all curled and swept to one side; her dress was red with a big bow and sparkly details, and she also had a big necklace. 

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