Family escapes burning van; comes to Iola


August 30, 2016 - 12:00 AM

A woman and her three children have relocated to Iola after a fire destroyed the minivan they were traveling in Saturday afternoon.
According to the Salina Journal, Sarah Hasch, 24, and her three children were in the process of relocating from Kansas to Texas when her vehicle caught fire on Interstate 135 near Salina.
Tim Gottschalk, Ellis, was trailing the minivan and saw it pulled over on the side of the road. By then, Hasch and two of her children had exited the vehicle, the newspaper reported.
He helped get Hasch’s infant child out of a baby carrier, shortly before the minivan went up in flames. The mother and children were taken to the hospital, but refused treatment at the emergency room.
Since then, the family first was taken to a Salina homeless shelter before finding an apartment in Iola, family members reported.
Relatives have set up a “gofundme” account to assist Hasch and her children.
Money will go to clothing, food, blankets, etc.
Immediate needs include shoes, toiletries, school supplies for one of the children, and a vehicle.
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