Family takes advantage of day off from school



February 27, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Snow days are usually fun for kids and a challenge for parents. Lisa Cloud, a mother of four boys, doesn’t mind it so much.
“If we were stuck inside then we might (go a little stir crazy), but I can turn them loose in the backyard,” Cloud said.
And that is exactly where the boys were, all day long. Their routine Tuesday: play, get wet, go inside to warm up, change clothes, go back outside. Over and over again.
The Mittelmeier boys, Blake, 12, Hunter, 11, Tristan, 8, and Kyler, 7, attend Lincoln Elementary and Iola Middle School. Lisa is a third-grade teacher at Marmaton Valley Elementary School in Moran.
Though the boys’ routine might seem hectic, Cloud said she finds time to catch up on things on her day off from teaching.
“I have been able to get caught up on housework, I finished my grading and recording my grades,” she said.
The boys even had a friend over making Cloud’s count up to five, but she said she didn’t mind that either.
“When you have four boys, adding one doesn’t make a difference,” she said.
The boys built an igloo in the backyard that took them about two and half hours to make. Cloud said the boys had her gardening tools out and were working on it all morning.
The key to a successful snow day, Cloud said, is recycling gloves, scarves, hats and clothes.
“They probably go through three or four changes of clothes,” she said.
Cloud herself doesn’t enjoy the cold much, but remembers that at her boys’ age she, too, went wild on a snow day off from school.

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