Feeling the love? Lock it down

Wings of Warriors and Humanity House are teaming up to sell engraved locks to attach to the old Santa Fe Railroad bridge on the Southwind Trail. The project is a fundraiser to help families who are struggling financially.



April 2, 2021 - 11:39 AM

Padlocks will be engraved so they can be attached to the old railroad bridge spanning Elm Creek south of Iola as part of a joint fundraiser with Wings of Warriors and Humanity House. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

A pair of local organizations that serve others in need are teaming up for a fundraiser that celebrates love.

Wings of Warriors, which assists patients being treated for cancer, and Humanity House, which provides help to families struggling financially, are accepting orders for engraved padlocks.

The goal is to have the padlocks attached to the old Santa Fe Railroad bridge that spans Elm Creek along the Southwind Trail.

The bridge has become a popular destination with couples attaching engraved locks to the bridge’s railing, modeled after Pont des Arts, the famous Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

The organizations are selling the locks for $15 apiece through April, with the goal of having folks put the locks on the bridge on May 1, also known as the Global Day of Love, said Tracy Keagle, Humanity House director.

Wings of Warriors and Humanity House are selling engraved locks to attach to the old Santa Fe Railroad Bridge, as part of a fundraiser to help families. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

AFTER subtracting costs to purchase and engrave the locks — that’s being handled by Capper Jewelry — proceeds will be divided between the organizations.

Wings of Warriors will continue to purchase monetary gift cards for cancer patients.

Humanity House is hoping to raise funds to erect a conestoga hut, a small and sturdy shelterthat can accommodate two people to sleep safely out in the elements.

The huts are insulated and could be used any time of year, Keagle said.

With escalating material costs, Keagle projected the cost of a conestoga hut at upwards of $2,500 apiece.

“Hopefully, someday we’ll have more than one,” Keagle said. “But right now, we want one.”

To order a lock, contact Humanity House at (620) 380-6444.

Keagle noted the locks would make ideal Mother’s Day gifts as well.

Humanity House plans to accept orders through April, to ensure the locks can be placed on the bridge by May 1.

“They don’t have to put the locks on the bridge,” she said. “But we’d sure like them to.”

IN THE INTERIM, Humanity House is encouraging residents from all walks of life to engage in random acts of kindness.

It could involve anything from cleaning yards, delivering groceries, or simply sending a note or flower, Keagle said. “We just want for people of Allen County to show they love their community.”

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