Garden City tornado wasn’t obvious on radar

Tornado that hit southwest Kansas town ahead of snowstorm wasn’t obvious on radar.



March 29, 2024 - 3:19 PM

This graphic shows the path of a tornado on March 24 as it struck Garden City. Photo by National Weather Service Dodge City Office

GARDEN CITY — Meteorologists at the National Weather Service office in Dodge City say the tornado that struck Garden City on Sunday afternoon wasn’t obvious on radar.

NWS Dodge City lead forecaster Bill Turner said the storm which spawned the tornado at 3:30 p.m. indicated embedded rotation on radar as it developed on the southeast side of the Dairy Farmers of America plant. A brief, weak tornado then formed and tracked north, causing damage consistent with an EF-0 or EF-1 rated twister.

“Most of the tornadoes we get, like in May, are more obvious,” Turner said. “This was not that. It was much weaker and formed in a more chaotic environment.”

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