February 9, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Iolan shows pedigree dog in state AKC competitions

For Janice Buckjune, showing dogs puts her “in a different world.”
The world she is referring to is one of high prestige, care and commitment. When she adopted her dog, a female Bisenji named Copper, she got more than a new pup.
“She (Copper) came with a baby book,” Janice said.
The type of people who show dogs are very serious about their sport. Janice said she does not put herself in that category, although she and Copper have seen their fair share of success.
Copper has been shown at multiple American Kennel Club (AKC) shows in Joplin, Topeka and Lawrence. They have received top honors in her hound categories. A show dog receives points for every blue ribbon it receives — they can receive a maximum of 15 points over their career. Copper has received one.
Her first championship points came from an AKC dog show in Topeka. Janice said Copper won the winner’s bitch award as the top female dog in her class.
Janice said they are both new to the game, and they both have a long way to go.
“It is fun, I had never been to a dog show before I had Copper,” Janice said. “It is much harder than I thought it would be.”

COPPER is now about two years old. Janice began showing her when she was around six months old. She said she had another Bisenji named Rocky for 14 years, before it passed away, but never showed it in competitions. She began the search for another dog, which took longer than she thought.
She was determined to find an animal that was “show-quality,” and had the look she needed for competition.
“Copper’s color is very rare, which I wasn’t aware of,” Janice. She found her puppy from a breeder in Detroit. Copper’s official name is Reveille Bell Lilies in Copper — after a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. All of the dogs from Copper’s litter were named after Van Gogh paintings.
She said Bisenjis are known as the “barkless dog,” obviously named due to the fact that they do not bark.
Now howling, that is a different matter.
Janice demonstrated Copper’s singing talent. She rears her head back high and howls every time Janice plays hard-rock music — particularly that of Bullet for my Valentine and Linkin Park.
She said the upkeep for her dog is fairly simple. The breed, an Egyptian hunting hound originally, is short-haired and sheds very little.

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